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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Standard Quit Smoking Joke

Where do I collect my $138?!?

or, Who stole my $138?!?!

You know, the money you saved? Ha. Funny. Anyways, I don't notice any extra weight in my wallet, but I should. If I bought cigs in DC, I woudl pay $7. Five and change in Virginia.

So, yeah, where's my money?!?!


Anonymous said...

4 Weeks!

I get the money thing. I don't know where it goes, but it didn't go up in smoke.


Anonymous said...

w00t! One month tomorrow! I think you need to find that money and buy yourself a nice prezzie.


mrs said...

start putting the money in a jar, then use it to buy something you really want
by the way WOOHOO

Kristen S. said...

hey mrs...what I'm buyin' is a mouth full of healthy teeth & gums!