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Monday, April 20, 2009

Patch Dream Weirdness Continues Unabated

Or, Wherein I Snub Lindsay Lohan and Try to Seduce This Guy

I am loving these dreams, but last night's out-weirded them all.

I was a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice (which did air last night, and which I did watch last night). The task was to host some big fancy celebrity charity event/concert. As the crowd filed in, I found myself sitting one seat away from Lindsay Lohan. She tried to say "hi" to me, but I ignored her until her need for attention from me was at a peak and I was forced to wave and say "hi" back.

A few minutes later the theater was empty because the celebs had just showed up for a quick photo op and left. Empty except for myself and Tom Green. Who I tried valiantly to seduce. I believe I told him "I need to get laid!". No dice.

But I still love him. And he is looking hot these days.


Anonymous said...

hi goaty!
glad your quit's going well.
i miss you!

Anonymous said...

YOU are hawt!